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About Us



In 1997, my wife, Trudy, and I seized an opportunity to buy a shop that imported handicrafted objects from Spain.  The shop was located in a beautiful courtyard called the Via Gucci on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach.  We renamed it Arte Ceramica because we focused the merchandise on handmade and hand painted ceramics from Spain. 
Plates, bowls, clocks, planters as well as olive dishes and holy water holders were the colorful items we toured to Spain to find and fill our shop.   We eagerly made numerous trips seeking a diversity of designs to satisfy different tastes.
When clients requested customized items with colors of their choice, our custom address plaque business was launched.  That hand painted plaque segment grew to become tile murals that were, at first, colorful kitchen backsplashes but soon extended to large murals for exterior walls.  We were working closely with eighteen artists and studios in Spain and Portugal.
In 2003, we relocated to Antique Row in West Palm Beach hoping to appear less "gifty" and with closer proximity to where designers and decorators actually shopped.  When the economy went into recession, business slumped and we downsized Arte Ceramica to stay afloat.  Sadly, Trudy passed away in 2011.
Now with the economy in recovery, I am making Arte Ceramica's creative services available to a nationwide audience.  I look forward to working with you on your special tile mural project.